Yoga is a common, popular practice among many people. It is helpful in improving flexibility, physical health, and reducing stress. Additionally, studies are beginning to show that it can also help lower blood sugar levels. Diabetics already know they need to exercise daily so why not incorporate some yoga as well? We are not talking about doing handstands or renting a goat to place on your back. However, performing simple yoga poses can gently build your strength towards better diabetes management.

Yoga & Diabetes

When insulin levels are low or you can’t use them effectively, your body begins to feel weak, tired, and health complications arise. To help regulate that change there are many medications and exercise tips you can try including yoga.

Yoga is beneficial for both the mind and body. You not only find ways to reduce stress but are more mindful of healthy behavioral changes in your life. By being in the moment you can reduce anxiety, become more conscious of living habits, and make lasting changes to improve your emotional well-being.

Even after one “session” of yoga you can begin to feel better in terms of energy, stress relief, strength and balance. Diabetes can cause other symptoms such as neuropathy that can be improved by regular exercise. By building up muscle strength and mobility, these symptoms can begin to improve.

Another form of aerobic exercise, as mentioned in our Exercises for Diabetes Management post, it helps keep your heart healthy. You can perform breathing exercises that will calm the body and relax your heart beat after a more rigorous workout. It is also a low impact activity that makes an excellent choice for beginners starting workout plans. Here are a some simple yoga poses you can begin to do at home thanks to Top 10 Home Remedies. Let us know which ones you enjoy the most!

Yoga Poses

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