The American Heart Association (AHA) published “Life’s Simple 7”. It mentions seven things people can do now to maintain a better, healthier lifestyle. While these heart health tips are very important for diabetics to monitor, everyone can benefit from making these changes in their lives.

How Can I Make Sure to Follow Life’s Simple 7?

It all boils down to a matter of choice. We all want to live a long, happy life not just for ourselves but also for our family members. Taking care of ourselves doesn’t have to be a burden. We can even invite our family to join us which will make things all the more enjoyable. Find someone that you can talk to on a regular basis to keep you accountable or could also use the heart health boost!

Set short and long-term goals for yourself to measure your progress. Have you gone out for a walk today? Did you have multiple servings of fruits and vegetables this week? How many pounds do you want to lose in the next month or two? Set real expectations for yourself and make sure you can see these goals everyday. As you monitor your progress, you will see when you succeed and when you can improve. Don’t give up!

Think about how you reach your goals by getting used to a daily routine. It can be tough at first to change your diet, limit your smoking habits, or wake up earlier to start your day. However, over time you will find it much easier to stick to. They say it takes about two months for a behavior to become a habit so make it a good one!

Be Accountable – Set Goals – Create Good Habits

Choose to be Healthy!


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