Neuro Plus

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  • Aids mental balance and concentration
  • Increases energy and alertness
  • Regulates brain function
  • Supports memory and cognitive health
  • 60 capsules, 30 days

Enhancing Brain & Mental Focus

The Formula You’ve Been Waiting For

Improve Memory & Cognitive Health

Support Brain Function

Increase Focus & Clarity

Increase Energy & Alertness

Stimulating Minds

Neuro Plus is a powerful complex made to support clarity, memory, and focus. Non-habit forming, it is loaded with amazing ingredients to boost your focus.

Stimulating Minds

Neuro Plus is a powerful complex made to support clarity, memory, and focus. Non-habit forming, it is loaded with amazing ingredients to boost your focus.

"Brain Booster"

This blend of brain vitamins contain DMAE, which may produce feelings of improved mental clarity, cognitive ability, memory and physical energy. Green tea extract has been shown to help obtain a natural energy boost.

"Brain Booster"

This blend of brain vitamins contain DMAE, which may produce feelings of improved mental clarity, cognitive ability, memory and physical energy. Green tea extract has been shown to help obtain a natural energy boost.

Boost Your Immune System

Zinc and Vitamin C are two amazing ingredients that we added to help support a healthy immune system.


Boost Your Immune System

Zinc and Vitamin C are two amazing ingredients that we added to help support a healthy immune system.


What Others Are Saying

This product not only prevents the crash but replaces it with clarity & energy with no jitters.


I feel it is helping with memory, focus and clarity even in these crazy times we are living in!


The improvement has been consistent implying a genuine improvement and not subconscious or placebo effect.


My mother-in-law uses this to improve brain function. She says it works great!


This stuff works wonders! My concentration is on point and it gives me energy. It's like I'm excited for a test.


Additional information


Inactive Ingredients: Magnesium Stearate Silicon Dioxide Rice Flour Cellulose

Ingredients: Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B6, Folic Acid Pure, Biotin 1%, Vitamin B5, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium, Copper, Manganese, Chromium, Molybdenum, Potassium, Proprietary Blend.

Active Ingredients: Chromium Copper Calcium Molybdenum Selenium Vitamin B3 Vitamin B6 Vitamin B5 Biotin 1% Vitamin C Vitamin D Vitamin E Magnesium Vitamin B2 Vitamin A Vitamin B1 DMAE Bitartrate Folic Acid Pure Potassium Zinc Manganese Iron


As a dietary supplement take two (2) veggie capsules once a day. For best results take 20-30 min before a meal with an 8oz. glass of water or as directed by your healthcare professional.

86 reviews for Neuro Plus

  1. Nathan

    No jitters or crash, just clean energy
    I’ve been looking for a natural supplement that doesn’t have as much caffeine as other nootropics. A friend of mine offered me a bottle of his Neuro and I’ve been using it for about two weeks. After running out of his bottle I decided to buy my own. I really like the capsules. They’re easy to take with my morning coffee and breakfast and I haven’t noticed any negative side effects from taking this supplement. I’ve found that I’m much more focused throughout the day and I still have the drive to work out when I get home. I’ve been much more ambitious and started running again because I feel a boost of natural energy throughout the day (no jitters like I would get with all the other supplements I’ve taken, and no crash). This came faster than I had expected. They said it would take 10 days to be delivered but was delivered in two. Overall a great product and I will buy it again.

  2. Natalie

    Focus Memory building = Love this product!
    Love, Love, Love this product especially when I am trying to get work done and need to keep my mind focused. Another added benefit is it is all natural and helps keep my mental state boosted and happy.

  3. Chloe

    This was a great energy booster and helped me stay focused

  4. Hector

    My mom has been taking this product and she is very happy with the results

  5. Martha

    My mom is taking it for long time; her memory improved

  6. Tyler

    Super smart
    Ordered because I have been feeling fog headed in the mornings and at midday at work. So I decided to try this product to see if there was any truth behind it. Let me say that there is. My memory improved, the fog seemed to lift, I am more alert throughout the day and I just feel more confident in the task I indulge in.

  7. Autumn

    Will buy again!!!
    This has helped me get through my days with ease! Im the type of person that is high stress and I struggle with anxiety and ive noticed a huge difference in my mood and stress level!

  8. Cameron

    excellent study supplement
    Helps me to study without the crash or feeling bogged down in the morning

  9. ✓ Verified Purchaser

    Anytime I have a project I can tell when I’m taking it cuz it helps me stay focused Definitely

  10. Baylie

    Love it!!!!
    So Ive seen this product a couple times and thought Id give it a go

  11. Natalia

    I loved this brand! all the supplements fats are excellent!

  12. ✓ Verified Purchaser

    Memory and focus has always been an issue for me but this product helped me realize that I can be focus and remember things! I’ve been taking this for now 1 month! i can tell a huge difference from remembering where I left my items to always being focus! I highly recommend this!!!

  13. Valentina

    Since I started taking this product, my stress levels have decreased, I feel better and it has helped me improve my concentration.

  14. JuanC

    Great product! Will continue using it. No problems so far!

  15. Nicolas

    Just what I needed
    I started taking these because it was getting way too hard for me to stay focused in my online classes. Two days into it and I started noticing not only that now I am actually paying attention the entire lecture, but also that I’m getting the concepts a lot easier an remembering them for the tests. Great product!

  16. ✓ Verified Purchaser

    Love the product! I seen a big change in my memory and being able to focus easier. I would definitely recommend!

  17. George

    K/D on the rise
    I drink Coffee or Red Bull to wake up. I just started taking neuro and im more clear than ever.Your not going to get a rush or anything like from redbull but concentration and focus is on point

  18. Daniel Powell

    Works well, good energy, no jitters or crash
    I’ve been researching different nootropic supplements for quite some time. As a PhD student, I’ve been through several different supplements looking for something that will help me stay focused throughout the day. I’ve found that too much caffeine or other stimulants don’t stack well.

    This product feels clean and doesn’t make me jittery at all. I take it in the morning with a cup of coffee and it adds a little extra focus and keeps my energy levels up even past lunch. The choline, bacopa, and DMAE all work to aid in neurotransmitter production and function. With a little caffeine, it boosts the effects and I’ve found my productivity and focus have gone up.

    I’m not saying it’s a limitless miracle drug, but it does help. The pills are easy enough to swallow (not bigger than a standard supplement) but if you have trouble swallowing you can easily open them and pour them into your coffee or smoothie and there is little to no taste.

    Will buy again.

  19. Terrence Holder

    Reputable Product
    Very easy to take even though it’s a large capsule. No side effects with any other supplements I take. Fast delivery.

  20. Pierre

    Really helpful supplement!
    I haven’t been one to use supplements before, but this one really works! I feel more energized and focused while at work and I can tell the difference from when I don’t use it. It is very easy to swallow and doesn’t taste bad. It has been very helpful in my day to day life and shipping was fast.

  21. Eleanor Santos

    Five stars!!
    Best brain supplement on the market!!

  22. Hector Gonzalez

    Great product
    I got this product for my dad and he is very happy with the results.

  23. Anthony

    I’ve been looking for a product that would help me focus and give my brain a boost. I have been able to accomplish tasks at work that are usually very mentally taxing much easier since I started using this product. Will be recommending to others! 10/10

  24. Kira25

    Perfect for focusing
    Once you start the product you will notice the difference. It really helps you to focus and keeping you concentrate

  25. Tif Romrell

    One of the ONLY products that work!!
    I have ADHD but like to take supplements instead of go to the dr for medication. I have tried many products and this is in my top 2. I highly recommend!! I can think clearly, it’s like my brain fog goes away and it gives me a jolt of energy which is bomb!!

  26. Jennifer

    I’ve been looking for a natural pill that will help with my dad’s dementia and these have been great. controlling his mood and keeping him alert, even helping with his memory. I highly recommend these.

  27. Ingrith

    I loved it 😍
    If you’re looking for a quality neuro supplement, this is the one for you, yet somewhat large, capsules. They are easy to swallow despite there size.

  28. Natalia

    It helped me with work staff, I concentrate better and did not feel tired all day.

  29. Angela

    Highly recommend as a more natural alternative
    I have always struggled with completing everyday tasks and have been diagnosed with ADD, tried most of the stimulants on the market with no luck long term. I have been using Neuro plus for 3 weeks consistently and have felt major improvements in my mood and concentration.

  30. Kennedy

    Really helpful supplement
    I’ve been taking this every morning for a week now and my brain seems to be more clear and focused. Very easy to swallow but it’s a little bit bigger of a capsule but it goes down smooth.

  31. Valeria

    Focus focus
    Love this product! One of the things I’ve noticed the most is being able to focus and pay attention a lot easier. I’ve also noticed an increase in my memory. I would definitely recommend this product!

  32. Malena cid de la paz

    The best!

  33. Brylie

    Life Saver!
    I’ve always had trouble focusing and remembering things. For a college student that isn’t ideal. When I started taking this I have seen such an improvement in my mood, mental focus, AND memory! This has been a lifesaver for me!

  34. Angela Guzman

    Best natural alternative on the market
    I bought this to help me follow through to completion projects that I start. On days that I take the recommended 2 pill supplement I noticed that I am more mentally present and feel like I am completing tasks that I start. Highly recommend if your struggles are similar!

  35. Nicolas Montenegro

    Concentration and productivity
    I thought taking these was going to be a good idea to help me focus for online classes and working remotely and it was! One of the best investments I’ve made this year

  36. Marcos Martinez

    Been using it sine July 27 2020 and WOW huge difference I feel more active and can concentrate more than I used to I can see the difference…. I recommend it

  37. Malcolm

    Overall, I really liked this product. It actually really helps with my focus and productivity especially when working from home!

  38. Valentina

    It works!
    Great product! Since I started taking it I’ve noticed I’m able to focus and pay attention a lot easier. It had help me a lot with my online classes

  39. Mikhael

    Definitely recommend
    Neuro is definitely one of my favorite vitamins I like to take in the morning before I start my day. It keeps me focused on my tasks and I get a lot more done in a days work. I also did not know that they made Neuro brain focus vitamins.

  40. Christian

    Nice product work well

  41. Juan Acosta

    Great product!

  42. Jana

    I am loving Neuro! I have been using it for a week and It is great for an energy booster and has also really helped keep me focused.

  43. Tyler murphy

    If you want to take something that will help with your memory an just overall thinking speed then I would urge you to buy this product. I have been taking it for 2 months now and I really feel the difference in how my brain functions an the energy I have throughout the day.

  44. Vanessa Torrecillas

    Really good product
    High quality supplement with good packaging. I can definitely feel the positive effects. Excited to try more products, would buy from this company again.

  45. Kira Bula

    Goals achieved
    Excellent product! It really helps with the goals! I recommend it 100%

  46. Riki

    Great supplement that I will be buying again
    I really love this supplement. I am not a morning person and I feel that this supplement helps clear my brain fog and does give a boost of energy. I really love that this supplement isn’t hard on my stomach as well.

  47. Anthony Hansen

    Highly Recommend
    Back to school for the first time in 5 years meant that I was going to have to learn how to study again. This has been a game changer for me in that aspect. My mental focus is incredible after taking this product. Highly recommend.

  48. Jana Rae Armijo

    Loving Neuro! I have noticed a big difference in my focus.

  49. Sergio

    I received it a couple of weeks ago and it’s worked for me. It’s my first time using a dietary supplement like this one and I am really happy with the results, I do feel it helps with stress. It also says it includes natural ingredients and that it is gluten free and GMO free. I’m interested to see how I feel after a month of using this product. Definitely recommended.

  50. Nicole

    Highly recommend
    Helps me stick to tasks and stay focused on what I started. I don’t see myself using any other product!

  51. Daniel Corbett

    Highly recommend!
    Such a great product! Will be recommending to family and friends!

  52. Adam

    Every little bit counts!
    This product has done wonders for my mental focus. I am a combat vet and deal with PTSD. It’s hard to keep focus sometimes. After taking this for 2 weeks straight now, I notice that I am more focused in all my tasks. This is a big deal for me. I know that it isn’t the “cure-all”, but it sure does help in a major way! Can’t wait to see what continual use will produce. Highly recommend this product!

  53. Jen Sheard

    Fair product
    It removes a lot of the mind fog in the morning that is not caused by tiredness or fatigue from lack of sleep. Some days, even after a full night’s rest I have a mind-fog and can not concentrate. I feel slightly more energetic and motivated to do work after taking it and noticed continuous effects after a week of taking it one per day on weekdays. Drink a lot of water when taking this product because I noticed I get head aches if I don’t drink enough water. Most people don’t drink the recommended amount anyways. Don’t expect this to be a cure all, nothing replaces sleep or nutrition for enhancing cognition.

  54. Sandy Terry

    5 stars for me
    I am studying for a big exam and because of the high review of this product , I decided to give it a try. Is been a week now and I must say , It has worked really good so far. I do feel my retention of my studies has worked with this supplement; even though is been for a short period of time. So far I give it a 5 stars.

  55. Jonathan

    Super legit!!
    Super legit, made me feel more alive. Like if I had more air on my brain. I was on point and felt good. Nothing wrong with it. Been taking for almost a month now and like it… helped me with remembering things and not being sidetracked. Recommend it and gonna check out the rest of the stuff this company has. Peace

  56. Angelyn Bains

    After a month of taking them, the pills helped my daily focus.

  57. Viridiana De Los Santos

    Definitely works
    This stuff works wonders! My concentrations on point and it gives me energy. It’s like I’m excited for a test Lol

  58. Odis Vestal

    I has helped me to improve my memory and focus. It may also help me to sleep better and improve my energy level.

  59. Sixta Decesare

    Amazing pills
    These pills are amazing. These past couple weeks I’ve had a higher than usual workload, and these have helped me stay alert and focused. My concentration has also improved a lot. I recommend these whenever you have exams or high seasons at work for that extra boost to perform at your best.

  60. Misha Loucks

    More productive
    This supplement has helped me be more productive with my time. The lines aren’t as hard to remember, even when there has been a period of time in between studying and the actual performance/audition.

  61. Jeanice Klosterman

    Highly recommended
    I would recommend this product to everyone from college students, writers, even elderly who feel their memory isn’t as good.

  62. Marya Tewksbury

    Great stuff
    Overall great for memorization and concentration especially when dealing with many pages of scripts while acting and concentrating on studying.

  63. David Thom

    Very pleasantly surprised
    I didn’t have any problem going to sleep at night. Didn’t experience any unpleasant side effects. I seem to have clearer thinking and less anxiety. very pleasantly surprised.

  64. Beverlee Tomer

    The energy increase is very smooth and not like a caffeine jolt. I am more than satisfied with this product.

  65. Stewart Metcalfe

    It kept me focused and alert.
    Although I got a slight stomach discomfort the first time I took it, it did what it was supposed to. It kept me focused and alert.

  66. Casie Duquette

    My mother-in-law uses this to improve brain function. She says it works great!

  67. Cordell Koffler

    I think it is really helping! I’m almost through the first month and I can honestly say that my memory has been better!

  68. Michiko Horman

    I am working on relearning juggling. Taking these helps me react quicker and get a little closer to that goal

  69. Gilbert Hunsinger

    I am focusing better, forgetting less often, and recalling details more quickly.

  70. Glenn Hales

    Seems to help. Will know better with my third bottle.

  71. Omar George

    Great brain help

  72. Jessica Wolfe

    Good improvement
    The improvement has been consistent implying a genuine improvement and not subconscious or placebo effect.

  73. Josephine Lynch

    I’m seeing significant improvement, thanks

  74. Hosea Iannotti

    I feel it is helping with memory, focus and clarity even in these crazy times we are living in!

  75. Shaun Daniel

    This product not only prevents the crash but replaces it with clarity & energy with no jitters.

  76. Melvin Middendorf

    Had zero side effects

  77. Tracy Leonard

    More focused

  78. Pete

    Work great I can see some improvement already

  79. Jasmine

    Gives you energy!!
    Love the energy this gives me. I am able to concentrate a lot better once i started taking these.

  80. Cami

    These pills are easy to swallow and you’ll fill like somebody turn the light in a dark room. Definitely works great for me, make me alert and active all day long. Recommended!

  81. Vanessa S.

    Not a miracle
    I guess these are doing what they’re supposed to. I still forget stuff, so I guess I’m just getting older.

  82. Wesley

    It has a great variety of vitamins and minerals. But I don’t actually see or feel any difference from taking it. I’ve taken it exactly as instructed (2 capsules 1x/day and take it 20-30 mins before a meal with 8oz of water). I’m halfway through the bottle, with no difference at this point in time. At this point, I think it’s just a multivitamin.

  83. Christopher W.

    Worth it!
    I could feel the difference in my mental faculties when I took this daily. Can’t wait to reorder!

  84. Lori B.

    No brain fog
    I am not a morning person and I feel that I can have brain frog for a couple of hours at the beginning of work. After taking this for 4 weeks I found that I felt my brain fog wasn’t there and I felt all around cognitively better. I think this is a great supplement for everyone.

  85. Taylor

    Deserves more than 5 stars!
    This product really helps me focus and was easy to add into my daily routine

  86. Lynn

    This stuff is amazing I stay focused throughout my day and calms my mind.

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